New Product & Rate Update

New Product for Residential Buyers

Starting February 15th, the ALTA Homeowner's Title Policy will be issued by default to all owner-occupied residential buyers. The ALTA Homeowner’s Title Policy provides enhanced coverage, protecting their property rights from additional risks, including some that might occur after the policy is issued.

(Specific requirements must be satisfied for the property to qualify for the ALTA Homeowner's Title Policy.)

To learn more about the enhanced features of the ALTA Homeowner's Title Policy, click here to download a PDF of our flyer.

Rate Update

We have updated our rate cards to reflect revisions to the schedule of title insurance charges, which will apply to orders received on and after February 15, 2023. We will honor our current title and closing rates for any order received prior to February 15th, even if the closing occurs subsequent to that date.

Please click here to download a PDF of the new rate card for your area, or click here to use our online rate calculator.

We are pleased to continue to provide you with ALTA Best Practice and CFPB TRID Compliant solutions for your real estate transactions.