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Our products are sound and our service is unmatched. We offer products that are backed by national leaders and prepared by experienced local experts. Our staff is made up of the most experienced team of title and closing professionals and we are eager to assist you with your next transaction whether the property is located inside or outside of your local community.

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Title Insurance

The title insurance and abstract products we provide are prepared under the supervision of local, experienced, and licensed title professionals. Whether your property is residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, or multifamily, our team of experts has the experience to get the job done.

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Closing Services

Our closing services are diligently prepared by a team of knowledgeable closing officers and assistants. We believe that timely work and communication skills are fundamentals to having a successful real estate closing. With locations in Kansas, Missouri and Nevada, our closing services are reliable and convenient.

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1031 Exchange

Our Security 1st Exchange experts are well-versed in the rules behind Internal Revenue Code 1031. Did you know that generally, any real property can be exchanged, provided it is held "for productive use in a trade or business" or for "investment" and is exchanged for property of "like-kind" that will also be held for one of these same purposes?

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Contract Servicing

When structuring financing using "Seller-Carry" the use of a neutral 3rd party to ensure the fulfillment of payment processing, record keeping, and tax and homeowner's insurance reserves and payment is a good idea. Our Contract Servicing staff will promptly process payments and diligently keep records for both the buyer and the seller.