Why Choose Security 1st Title?

Published: Monday, August 15th, 2022

Security 1st Title’s primary goal is to provide customers with an excellent customer experience backed by a quality product from the top title insurance underwriters in the industry. We help people obtain their dreams of property ownership by protecting their property rights. For us, there is no bigger mission.

We Have Decades of Experience.

We believe that training and educating customers is imperative to our ongoing working relationship. There are so many details for a closing, therefore all our title, closing, and sales team members are licensed. This is also why our teams bring you education and training opportunities to learn more about the title insurance and the closing process.

Local Service and National Coverage.

As an Independent Agent, our title insurance products are backed by the following Top National Underwriters:

  1. Chicago Title Insurance Company (KS/MO only)
  2. Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company (KS/MO only)
  3. Fidelity National Title Insurance Company
  4. First American Title Insurance Company
  5. Old Republic Title Company (NV only)
  6. Stewart Title Guarantee Company
  7. Westcor Land Title Insurance Company

These products provide you with peace of mind that your investment is protected by national title underwriters with a long, well-established history of protecting the property of their insured.

What does Security 1st Title Offer:

Location, Location, Location...

With all the differences in state and county procedures for doing business, there is one constant. Title must be cleared before a real estate transaction can be successfully closed. We believe it is important to provide products and services that are specific to the needs of your area. Our office locations allow for convenient signing options for our customers.

We work hard to make our team accessible to you in all communities we serve. Click here to see all our Security 1st Title locations.

Title Insurance

Title insurance protects lenders and homebuyers from financial loss sustained from defects in a title to a property. Security 1st Title provides title insurance and abstract products that are prepared under the supervision of local, experienced, and licensed title professionals. Whether your property is residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, or multifamily, our team of experts has the experience to get the job done.

Real Estate Closings

Real estate closing services are the administrative and clerical services required to carry out the conveyance or transfer of real estate to a purchaser or lender.

Real estate closing services includes preparing settlement statements, determining that all closing documents conform to the parties’ contract requirements, ascertaining that the lender’s instructions have been satisfied, conducting a closing conference, receiving, and disbursing funds, and completing form documents.

Our closing services are diligently prepared by a team of licensed and knowledgeable closing officers and assistants. We believe that timely work and communication skills are fundamentals to having a successful real estate closing. With locations in Kansas, Missouri and Nevada, our closing services are reliable and convenient.

Commercial Services

We have a long history of insuring large and small commercial properties with complicated titles. Whether you are dealing with a single-site property or a multi-site portfolio, Security 1st Title can help. Our team of licensed and trained professionals will assist you by providing a single source contact for ordering title and closing services and are qualified to write policy in six states.


• Hotel / Hospitality
• industrial / Warehouse
• Medical
• Multi-Tenant
• Multi-Site / Multi-State
• Convenience Stores
• Agricultural
• Development
• Industrial Revenue Bonds
• Government Municipalities

New Construction

From land acquisition to the completion phase, Security 1st Title offers new construction services that can provide the expertise you need for the planning, development, and public record process. Our experienced and licensed team are a valuable resource to builders and developers working on a variety of projects. We can assist with preliminary title work or reports and obtain necessary lender consents and signatures.

Residential Services

We have worked with homeowners to ensure the title to their properties are protected. Whether you are buying a home for the first time or refinancing your current home, our licensed and experienced professionals are here to help you with all your title insurance and closing needs. Title defects are serious, time-consuming, expensive to resolve, and can result in the loss of your property ownership. Purchasing title insurance for a one-time fee, protects your property for as long as you or your heirs retain interest in the property, and you will get peace of mind that your property rights are protected. Click here to learn more about an owner’s policy.

Lender Services

We work with financial institutions of all sizes. From providing title insurance to finalizing escrow and disbursements, we have decades of experience as well as financial and technological strength to serve you. Our title services are sure to provide an efficient process from application to final policy and give you lien protection for investments.

Escrow Contract Servicing

When structuring financing using "Seller-Carry" the use of a neutral 3rd party to ensure the fulfillment of payment processing, record keeping, and tax and homeowner's insurance reserves and payment is a good idea. Our Escrow Contract Servicing staff will promptly process payments and diligently keep records for both the buyer and the seller.

1031 Exchanges

Our Security 1st Exchange experts are well-versed in the rules behind Internal Revenue Code 1031. Did you know that any real property can be exchanged, provided it is held "for productive use in a trade or business" or for "investment" and is exchanged for property of "like-kind" that will also be held for one of these same purposes? Learn more about 1031 Exchange on our website, security1stexchange.com