Review Escrow Contract Servicing Payment History

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Security 1st Title provides secure and reliable contract servicing utilizing the latest technology to ensure efficiency, accuracy and transparency. When seller financing is involved, this service role is a third party between a buyer and a seller. We see and act as a neutral third party for the payment process.

With Security 1st Title, all parties involved receive easy-to-follow instructions, and outstanding customer service. When questions arise about an account, Security 1st Title responds to inquiries promptly with a dedicated team of experts.


  • Holding transfer documents in escrow until the terms of the agreement are fulfilled
  • Online access to payment history and reserve balance
  • Monthly payments (via payment coupons or automatic ACH debits from the borrower’s bank account)
  • Direct deposit to the lender/seller’s bank account
  • Payment receipts and notices for funds received, applied and disbursed
  • Automatic assessment of late fees
  • Payoff statements
  • Full principal, interest, reserves (PITI) reporting
  • Annual I.R.S. 1099 and 1098 tax interest forms in conjunction with prior years payment history

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